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Hello guys! There are a lot of porno puctures in the internet, but also a lot of ugly images between them. We have created
this site to show you good images. Our target is to find all beautiful images (and in the future also movies) in internet and
to keep these images in one place - on our site :) No copyright violation. We starting from images we took from many affiliate programms.
Every image we post has it's own banner and affiliate link.
Please don't send us images from affiliate programms - we have all of them. But if you have your own site or you are a producer of content,
amateur photographer, adult site owner, etc. and you have your own images - YOU WELCOME.
If you are an adult site owner - posting images on our site will bring you more visitors.
If you are amateur photographer - posting images on our site will bring you a lot of viewers of your work and who knows - maybe you
will be famous very soon.
If you are professional photographer - posting images on our site will bring you potencial buyers of your photos and will bring you
new models.
If you are model - posting images on our site will bring you more photographers who will want to work with you and more people who like your images.
And all of you can win big prizes we give every month.
please vote for images of other participiants too.
Our system checks and shows any cheating voting and all cheater voting will be deleted immediatelly after contest will be finished.
Please don't send us e-mails about "where my "10' votes?" if you restarted you computer 100 times to vote 100 times with different IP. We have VERY
complicated script, so no chance for cheaters to get the first place.
You can post links leading to your works on other sites and forums, but you can write: "Please vote for my work" - if you post link leading to your work,
you must write "Please vote for all works in the contest" or "please vote for the works in the contest". otherwise all votes will not be counted.

So here the rules:
1. All images you send us must be created by you and (or) you must be the owner of these images.
2. All models and photographers MUST BE at least 18-21 years old (depends of the state you live).
3. No Lolita, incest, rape, scat, bestiality, urination, torture and kiddyporn images
4. You banner (if you have one) must lead to the site you took the image from.
5. NO trojans, redirects or anything on the site your banner leading to. Your account will get deleted and you will get blacklsited.
6. Images size must me not more than 900 pixels and not less than 600 pixels, and not bigger than 300 kb.
7. One image per Category from one user daily will approved to the contest.

For registration on our site press Register on the main page. (
Give both your correct e-mail and your real name and a surname, write it in LATIN letters.
If you write a wrong e-mail or a false name you will not get a confirmation e-mail.
It is forbidden to show the same information on the fields "login", "name" and "surname" - such recording won't be activated.
It is not allowed to change a name after the announcement of winners. Give your real name at once please.
YOU MUST BE THE OWNER of the images you send to our contest. Please be ready we ask you to send us a big file of the winning
image or raw files from the shoot to be sure you are the owner of the image.